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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Nine people have already declared they would like to be a member of Pitt Meadows council

Former councillor runs again


Nine people have already declared they would like to be a member of Pitt Meadows council


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David Murray, new hopeful

David Murray, new hopeful

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Today’s the day that political hopefuls can begin submitting their names if they wish to run for a seat as City of Pitt Meadows council or mayor.
“The nomination packages are out there and are being accepted starting tomorrow [Tuesday] until 4 p.m. on Oct. 14,” said Patti Rear, legislative services clerk for Pitt Meadows.
Packages are available online or at City hall, Rear said.
“Once the nomination packages are in the candidates have one week to withdrawal their candidacy. Then, City hall will make the declaration of election,” said Rear.
Meanwhile, everyone who currently holds a seat, save the current mayor Don MacLean, is hoping to get re-elected Nov. 19, and serve another three years either on council or as mayor.
Councillors Deb Walters and John Becker have both declared intentions to run for mayor, while councillors Bruce Bell, Doug Bing, Gwen O’Connell, and Tracy Miyashita have all stated they will seek re-election.
Janis Elkerton, a 14-year council veteran, announced Monday she’ll seek a seat on council after a four-year absence.
“This election is a turning point for Pitt Meadows,” Elkerton said. “With the current mayor stepping down and two council members vying for that position there will be a significant loss of experience for the City.”
Elkerton is ready to help fill that void.
“I am passionate about Pitt Meadows and want to bring my experience to bear on several important decisions facing our community over the next three years,” she said.
Elkerton has lived in Pitt Meadows for more than 27 years. She was Pitt Meadows’ community health nurse for 11 years. She served for 14 years on Pitt Meadows council from 1993 to January 2008, until resigning to recuperate from injuries sustained in a car accident.
David Murray has decided to throw his hat into the mix for a council seat for the first time in Pitt Meadows.
Among many ideas, including improved transit and promoting small business, Murray wants to promote sports and recreation by making solid commitments to enhance and expand sports facilities and programs.
He has served on the executive committees of Pitt Meadows Soccer and Ridge Meadows Minor Baseball.
Murray grew up in political circles. As a young boy, he saw his father worked on Tommy Douglas’ first campaign in Weyburn, Sask. in October 1935 and he was involved in the On to Ottawa Trek and the Regina Riot.
He and his wife Sharon have lived in Pitt Meadows since 1987. They have two children Ryan, 23, and Shannon-Lee, 21.
Korleen Carrarias has pulled her name out of the municipal election and said she is setting her sights on something else, for which she will soon let made known, she said.
Also vying for the mayor’s seat is Gary Paller, who announced his intentions to gain the top seat back in September.