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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Adrian Dix At The Everbloom Garden Centre

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Provincial Politics: Adrian Dix At The Everbloom Garden Centre

By David Murray. I attended a barbecue at the Everbloom Garden Centre tonight in Abbotsford. Adrian Dix and Mike Farnworth were both on hand to talk about some important issues in the Fraser Valley.
Adrian Dix-Bob Douglas 70 year CCF-NDP member and Mike Farnworth

Sukhi Dhami was the host and is one of the owners of the Everbloom Garden Centre on Mt. Lehman Rd in Abbotsford. After the feast Mike Farnworth MLA from Port Coquitlam ,spoke briefly about how B.C. is going to experience a whole new era in leadership. He noted that under Dix, B.C. will have strong leadership and will win the next provincial election. Mike told the gathering of about 100 NDP supporters that “Adrian Dix , who is my long-time friend worked on my first provincial campaign in 1991″.

Harry Bains another NDP MLA in attendance had a lot of encouraging words for the crowd, he told the group “Adrian Dix is a premier for all the people”. He went on to say “Adrian represents our future” and the “B.C. Liberals have no fresh ideas left”.
Mr. Dix, who just finished attending a meeting in Mission a few hours earlier talked about the Liberals and their record on the economy. (the worst of any party since the depression) . He said ” The Liberals think they own the riding’s in the Fraser Valley-The Chilliwacks, The Abbotsfords, The Langley’s.” “That is about to change” retorted Dix. “They have ignored us (speaking to a partisan Abbotsford crowd) long enough.”
“Seven Million dollars of your hard earned taxpayers dollars on partisan pro-hst ads with stickmen during the hockey games is shameful” replied Dix. Mr. Dix painted this picture ” The Liberals are turning this HST campaign into a very negative campaign, hoping to keep people from wanting to vote like the last referendum where only 38% of the people voted”.

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