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Friday, November 4, 2011

Federal Politics: Dewar Goes Local To Earn NDP Leadership Support

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Federal Politics: Dewar Goes Local To Earn NDP Leadership Support

Submitted. Paul Dewar is travelling Canada, asking for support from one community – and one
person – at a time. He’s currently campaigning to follow in the footsteps of Jack Layton,
as the leader of Canada’s NDP… and he’s doing it in a way that would have made Jack
Paul Dewar The Next NDP Federal Leader?
He’s connecting with people on a personal and inspirational level. His first trip to BC was highlighted by many gatherings of both curious voters and
supportive members. A mixer hosted in Vancouver saw half the crowd on their feet –
with no chairs left to be spared – while Paul talked about his vision for a more caring
Canada. And he took the opportunity to field a wide array of questions from the crowd.
Dewar addressed topics ranging from member engagement, to job creation and tax
justice, to strategies on increasing party diversity, to Palestine (which he addressed with
ease as the party’s Foreign Affairs critic).
Paul Dewar addresses NDP supporters last night in Vancouver
How did he do overall? Well, his answers were sometimes practical and sometimes
innovative (like his suggestion for a national energy grid). But they were always
thoughtful and respectful of the people who had asked them – using remembered names
and eye contact to deliver his vision. Generally, he had the crowd nodding, laughing and
clapping at all the right times. And chatter as people left was about the energy, passion
and confidence he shared with the crowd.
Lindsay Goodridge is a young BC high school teacher, who attended in hopes of
learning more about Dewar both as a person and about his message. Following the
Vancouver event she had this to say: “I think he’s a great candidate. (He’s) using all the
words I want to hear for my future!!!”
With five months to go before NDP members cast their ballots, this wave has only just
started. And if first impressions are right, Dewar will prove to be a leader progressive
Canadians will want to stand behind. Expect him to be back a few times before
Paul Dewar is an experienced MP, currently sitting in his 3rd term for Ottawa-Centre. Previous to
that he worked as an elementary school teacher (winning an award for his work with children who
have special needs), as a Vice-President for his teacher union and as an international aid worker
in Nicaragua. For more information about Dewar and his leadership campaign you can go to:
Paul DewarClick Here

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