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Monday, April 9, 2012

A look at my Toronto Federal NDP Convention Adventure series.

Part 1: A snippet of things to come: A look at my Toronto Federal NDP Convention Adventure series.

The CN Tower!
I was chosen to go to the NDP Leadership Convention in Toronto, Ontario, from March 22 – 25 as a delegate, a member of the media (thanks, blog, articles, and pen and notebook), and as a campaigner and member of the BC Dewar Team.
Leading up to the NDP Leadership Convention in Toronto, I was more than a tad nervous.  At 27, the trip to Toronto was my first professional trip without close friends or family with me, and I was to be staying in a hotel with a lady I’d only ever met very briefly at a mixer for Paul Dewar months before after the BC NDP convention in Vancouver. She seemed very nice, but I still didn’t know what to expect from not just her, but from everyone. I am no stranger to the political game and have been involved for quite some time, but  I always figured that the true inner workings of politics was cut-throat and terrifying, so I never really put too much creed in my previous experiences in politics, regardless of how lengthy my volunteer resume was. My roommate wasn’t scheduled to arrive until the day the convention started, so I had a hotel room all to myself the first night. This was as equally comforting to know as it was terrifying, because there was no one there to ask just what the hell would I be doing. Here I am, thrust into an atmosphere of the steely resolve of federal politicians and their somewhat ruthless teams and supporters, and I was a fish out of water – proverbial water on the opposite coast of the country as well!
But once the plane touched down and I got my bearings, I knew I was in for a great few days. All of my fears about the people were absolutely unfounded. Stay tuned for a wrap-up of the first night. I’ll be doing this in an incremental articles, because I am absolutely swamped right now – which is why it took  me so long to post this in the first place! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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