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Monday, December 10, 2012

Fixing crumbling infrastructure would create jobs and grow the economy

Fixing crumbling infrastructure would create jobs and grow the economy
Canada’s mounting infrastructure crisis of crumbling bridges, potholes and traffic gridlock is costing more than $10 billion in lost productivity every year. NDP Transport and Infrastructure critic Olivia Chow was in Toronto today calling on the Conservatives to take action and ensure accountable, transparent and non-partisan infrastructure funding.
 “The current unpredictable, one-off funding system creates chaos and uncertainty for cities and communities and can lead to misuse of taxpayers' money,” said Chow. “Whether it’s sinkholes in Ottawa, falling concrete in Toronto and Montreal or record commute times in Vancouver, our infrastructure is in crisis.”
 Chow’s comments were in support of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ proposal for federal dollars to be "purpose-dedicated" (transit, basic infrastructure and water systems) to ensure fair distribution, reduced red tape, and increased accountability and flexibility.
 “Our cash-strapped and over-burdened cities are looking to the federal government for partnership,” said Transport and Infrastructure deputy critic Robert Aubin. “But the Conservatives must put an end to favouritism and back room deals to insiders.”
“If the Conservatives fail to grasp this opportunity in the upcoming budget, Canadians will continue to face infrastructure decay and gridlock,” said Chow.

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