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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Liberal Attack Ads Offside

Letters: Liberal Attack Ads Offside

By on February 19, 2013
Dear Editor. I can not believe the irony and stupidity of the new BC Liberal attack ad that questions Mr. Dix’s honesty based on a memo he wrote and backdated over a decade ago and has since apologized for.
Do these fools really want to go there? I mean the BC Liberals actually starting a fight over honesty and character.
These are the same people that brought you the ongoing government BC Rail scam – probably one of the worst examples of corruption and subsequent coverup in BC history. We all know that if the trail of corruption had led to some obscure nobody backbencher they would have been, censured, shunned, cut loose and hung out to dry.
But it appears the trail went much higher up the political ladder.
I guess the next thing we will see is the Liberals questioning the NDP’s commitment to democracy. I have listened to Mr. Dix and he impressed me as a real down to earth straight shooter who a long time ago made a minor mistake as we all do and apologized for it, what is with the serious double standard.
Wayne Clark
Maple Ridge

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