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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

BC Politics: NDP Celebrate Dave & Shirley Barrett's 80th Birthday!

BC Politics: NDP Celebrate Dave & Shirley Barrett's 80th Birthday!

UPDATED 22/11/10 – COMMENTS RECEIVED – By David Murray. This weekend I had the pleasure to attend two great NDP events. First off during the day , Carole James was given a 84% vote of confidence from the council of delegates, voting against a leadership convention. Jack Layton , arguably North America’s most popular leader had a 89% vote of confidence in Halifax in the summer of 2009.
Shirley and Dave Barrett with David Murray
Saturday evening the NDP celebrated both Dave and Shirley Barrett’s 80th birthday’s. Old friends spoke including ex-premier Dan Miller, former NDP cabinet minister and BC NDP president Moe Sihota, as well as former Social Credit cabinet minister Rafe Mair . Carole James the current NDP leader went on to thank Dave for helping bring “Social Democracy to the B.C. Landscape”. All praised Dave’s NDP legacy, among just a few of his accomplishments, the ALR, ICBC, abolishing spanking in schools, as well as passing a new law approximately every three days they were in power! Recently Dave Barrett was honored by the provincial government with his vision of shaping the future of Cypress Bowl. It was then Crown land, but not a park.
Besides great speeches we were all treated to a couple of great video’s of Dave’s life and accomplishments.
I got a chance to talk to Dave about his father Sam , who owned a grocery store on Powell Street. (My brother Fred worked with Dave) Sam Barrett never threw anything out. He helped feed many families on the downtown east side that had difficulties making ends meet. I asked him about Carole and what the NDP need to do to win the next provincial election? He said “ Stay the course, work harder than the Liberals, and support Carole , she is truly a great leader!”
Dave Barrett, Carole James and Shirley Barret
I got a chance to talk to Carole on numerous occasions during the course of the weekend. I asked her what she wants to see happen when government reconvenes in February? Without hesitation Carole said she wants the BC Liberals to raise the minimum wage, have a public inquiry into the BC Rail scandal and wants to call for an immediate action plan to reduce child poverty in this province where we have had the dubious distinction in leading the country in that department for the last seven years.
I asked her what kind of vision the B.C. NDP will have when elected ? She quoted “A British Columbia that will promise a better life for seniors, supply the best education in the country for our young people, continue to work to supply a sustainable public, not private health care system” . Those are great goals Carole! So many British Columbian’s are counting on you and the BC NDP to deliver this.
“Our team will make big polluters accountable, do everything possible to create a healthier environment for future generations to come, we need to start to look at building and planning sustainable communities, as well as building more affordable housing. As I was heading back to Today Media, it was obvious to me that Carole James has never been more focused and that she is determined to provide the strong leadership British Columbia needs for the rest of the decade and beyond! –
David Murray
David Murray is the Federal NDP candidate for Abbotsford. He is the political columnist for the Today Online. He can be reached at or you can follow David Murray on TWITTER @ DavidMurray4NDP

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