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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mike de Jong did not even win his own riding of Abbotsford West

What was Mike de Jong thinking running for the leadership of the B.C. Liberal Party?  He had little or no support from his Liberal Caucus.(these were his colleagues)   He said he had 11 thousand supporters signed up yet he only had slightly over 700 points on the first ballot. First ballot results were:
789 Mike de Jong
2,091 George Abbott
2,411 Kevin Falcon
3,209 Christy Clark
 This was despite holding the position of attorney general for Gordon Campbell!!!!
The only riding Mike won was the riding of Abbotsford South in the entire province. He did not even win his own riding of Abbotsford West- which by the way saw a lot of support for the NDP.  This riding saw the biggest NDP gains for any of the Abbotsford Ridings.  With more young working families moving into Mike's riding , was this just a ploy to get more exposure in his riding?  Does he see the writing on the wall?.  What if the NDP runs a stronger campaign in the riding?  What if the speculation is true about Randy White running in this riding as a Conservative candidate ?  That would really split the "right" vote. Randy was a very popular candidate in Abbotsford.

John van Dongen MLA for Abbotsford South did not come out and support Mike de Jong for the leadership

  Article in the Vancouver Sun By Chad Skelton 26 Feb 2011 COMMENTS(0) The Paper Trail with Chad Skelton
BC Liberal candidatesChristy Clark has just been elected the next leader of the BC Liberal Party -- and the province's new premier.
But how did he/she pull off the win? Which parts of the province were Clark's biggest supporters -- and which ones went to other candidates? Did Clark draw her support mainly from Liberal ridings or NDP ones? And did Liberal party members follow the lead of whoever their local MLA endorsed?
The BC Liberal Party has now released its official leadership race results and over the coming hours we'll be crunching the numbers to answer all those questions, and more.
Check back to this blog post regularly throughout the night -- we'll be linking to all the leadership race number-crunching as we finish it. And if you've got questions about the results, shoot them over to Vancouver Sun reporter Chad Skelton on Twitter at @chadskelton.
10:43pm: In case you want to drill down to the results in your neighbourhood, here's the first ballot results by riding. Think that's probably it for me tonight. Good night everyone!
10:22pm: The gap between NDP- vs. Liberal-held ridings is even more dramatic if you look at the actual number of ridings won by Clark vs. Falcon. Falcon narrowly won Liberal ridings, 26 to 21. Clark almost completely swept the NDP ridings, 32 to 2. Only two NDP ridings won by Falcon: Columbia River-Revelstoke and Victoria-Beacon Hill.
10pm: If you look at how the votes split based on which party currently holds each riding, Falcon narrowly won the ridings which currently have a Liberal MLA and Clark won the NDP-held ridings by a wide margin. Check out the graphic. I've since replaced this graphic online with the one above, but here's how the point totals look:

9:32pm: How many votes were cast in each riding in B.C. -- from 3,210 in Surrey-Newton to just 110 in Peace River South. Put another way, a Liberal party member in Peace River South's vote was worth about 30 times what one in Surrey-Newton. This graphic is based on a summary of total votes cast accidentally posted on the BC Liberal Party's website for a few minutes Saturday night (still available on Scribd).
9:07pm: Riding by riding graphic: Which ridings gave Clark the most votes vs. Falcon.
8:38pm: Interactive map of third and final ballot results. How Falcon and Clark's support broke down across the province.
8pm: Interactive map of second-ballot results. Third ballot results were delayed by technical difficulties in party posting the results. Will come soon.
7:15pm : Interactive map up of first-ballot results. How badly did Mike de Jong do? He only won one riding: Abbotsford South.

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