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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Paul Dewar by the numbers

Paul Dewar by the numbers – priceless

March 5th, 2012
OTTAWA – Citing the strong interest in metrics to help handicap the race for NDP leader, Paul Dewar released the following set of statistics about his campaign accurate to the end of today. Please note that in some cases the data is approximated.
Paul Dewar – By the Numbers:
-Days on the Campaign trail: 156
-Days left in the race: 19
-Communities visited: 112
-Flights taken: 56
-Campaign events attended: 250 (approximate)
-Hands shaken: 6,250
-Babies kissed: 125
-Money raised: $171,000
-Twitter followers: 8,384
-Facebook fans: 4,873
-Views of campaign video – ‘A Future to believe in’: 5,585
-Email blasts sent out (nationally and locally): 110
-Leadership debates (including 6 official debates): 13
-French leadership debates: 4
-Blackberry chargers lost: 7
-Use of the word ‘grassroots’: 6,000
-Policy statements released: 14
-Telephone town halls hosted: 13 (100,000+ NDP members invited)
-Ballots required to identify a winner in Toronto on March 24th: unknown
-Winning on the final ballot: PRICELESS

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