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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Paul Dewar is the man. And not just because his favourite band is The Clash

Paul Dewar is the man. And not just because his favourite band is The Clash. Read this:


Starting today, NDP members like you across our country will start receiving NDP leadership ballots in the mail.  You have an important choice to make.  Before you cast your vote, I want to write to you directly about my vision for our party and our country.
When Jack spoke to Canadians for the last time in July he told us that we need to take better care of each other. In that moment he captured who we are as social democrats and, I believe, who we are as Canadians.
Unfortunately our current Prime Minister doesn’t share this vision. We need a leader who will take him on and who can show Canadians what we can do when we work together.
I believe I am that leader.
There’s something you need to know about me, to me becoming Prime Minister isn’t about power and ‘winning the game.’ It’s about having the power to take better care of all Canadians, not just the select few.
 This is a defining time for our party, its a time so many of us dreamed of but seemed out of reach.  We are the Official Opposition and we are one step away from being government.
 We can do this, but we need to choose the right leader who can take us there. We need a leader who has a record of taking on Stephen Harper in Parliament. We need someone who is an experienced grassroots organizer, who connects with Canadians and can inspire them with a vision of hope. If you give me the opportunity - I will be that leader.
 I dont need to learn how to do this.  I know how to do this.
I know how to connect with families, I learned how to do that as a teacher.  I can engage the grassroots, Ive done that for many years as a community activist and party organizer.
I know how to win. Ive convinced Liberals and Conservatives in my riding to vote for me increasing my vote in three straight elections.
 I also know that as Prime Minister, you arent just responsible for Canadas well-being, you have a responsibility to the world. As Foreign Affairs Critic I won victories for action on HIV-AIDS, TB and Malaria, recognition of rape as a weapon of war, and defending human rights. I spoke up for indigenous rights. I was front and centre in holding Harper to account on Afghanistan. From solidarity with the Arab Spring to justice and peace in the Middle East, I gave voice to our Canadian values.
 I am ready to take on Stephen Harper. I do it regularly in the House of Commons and I can do it in the next campaign.
I am the only leadership candidate with a blueprint to solidify the ridings we currently hold and gain the 70 we need to stop the Conservatives in 2015.  In my first 100 days as leader, I will bring together a team to put together the most exciting and dynamic electoral plan this country has seen, one that will engage Canadians in the monumental task of electing our first social democratic government.   
I will expand our party’s outreach, organization and communications capacity by hiring organizers and partnering with our allies in labour and civil society.  I will build on-the ground party infrastructure and put organizers on the ground right across the country - not just in Ottawa.  I will consolidate our breakthrough in Quebec by establishing a dedicated unit to support new MPs and develop strategies to reach out to new voters in regions like Western Canada.
The next 70 seats will be the hardest to win but I believe we can - and must - win them.

As Leader of the NDP, I will earn Canadians trust to form government by reaching out to the real majority of Canadians who share our vision for a stronger, and more caring Canada.
I will speak to families and deliver new ideas to meet their needs. I will inspire young people by including them and giving them a sense of purpose and message of hope.

I will fight for our social democratic values.

I will turn people on to politics and show that politics can make a positive difference in the lives of Canadians.

I am ready to lead. Starting March 25th I will take on Harper’s agenda and lead the fight for what’s right on the doorstep, in the House of Commons and on the international stage.

But to do that I need your support.  As you cast your ballot, ask yourself the following question: which candidate has the experience, energy, passion, and the plan to build our party and beat the Conservatives?  I believe I am that person and the best qualified to lead our Party at this critical time.

Together, lets build a stronger and more caring Canada.  
Paul Dewar

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