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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Senior NDP MP, Dennis Bevington, endorses Paul Dewar for leader

Senior NDP MP, Dennis Bevington, endorses Paul Dewar for leader

OTTAWA – Today senior NDP MP Dennis Bevington (Western Arctic) endorsed Paul Dewar for leader of the NDP. Since 2006, Mr. Bevington has represented the Northwest Territories. Under Jack Layton he served as the NDP critic for Transport and Energy. He currently serves in the NDP Shadow Cabinet as the Critic for Northern Development.
“After careful consideration of all my colleagues and friends who have engaged in standing for the leadership of our dynamic and exciting party, I want to show my support for Paul Dewar, a person who I feel will lead us forward to government over the years ahead,” said Bevington. “Paul has shown to me over time he has the characteristics of strong leadership based upon team, equality, intellect and a keen understanding of this great country including the North. I have no doubt that he will make a fine Prime Minister in a progressive government that can turn this country in the right direction.”
In a brief statement Paul Dewar thanked his colleague for the support.
“I am deeply honoured to have the support of my friend and colleague, Dennis Bevington,” said Paul Dewar. “As a Member of Parliament and a former long-time mayor, Dennis has always shown New Democrats what it takes to respect and respond to the needs of Canada’s North. He also knows what it takes to beat Conservatives and win”.

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