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Thursday, March 8, 2012

This is how you can vote for Paul Dewar

This is how you can vote for Paul Dewar

There are 2 easy ways NDP members can vote for Paul Dewar now. Together we'll build our NDP and a stronger more caring Canada.
1. Vote for Paul online
In March, all NDP members will begin receiving their voting toolkits from NDP headquarters in the mail. This package will detail how to vote, including thorough instructions on how to vote using the website.
When you vote in advance, you will do so by preferential ballot, ranking as many or as few candidates as you want in the order that you choose. That means, if Paul is your only choice for leader, you can just choose him,
You'll choose a candidate as your first choice, one for your second choice, and so on, up to as many candidates as you want to rank.
  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your Voter ID and PIN
  3. Vote!
2. Vote for Paul by mail-in ballot
When you receive your Leadership 2012 voting toolkit from NDP headquarters, you will also receive a paper ballot with mail-back instructions. Follow them carefully, and make sure to vote preferentially. Once you vote by mail, you will not be able to cast another ballot. You’ll need to rank the candidates 1 through 8, voting for as many or as few candidates as you choose.
  1. Sign the Voter Declaration.
  2. Vote by marking the ballot included in your voter toolkit.
  3. Fold the ballot in half along the pre-indicated fold line.
  4. Place the ballot in the included ballot envelope.
  5. Put the ballot envelope and signed Voter Declaration into the prepaid return addressed envelope, and drop it in the mail.
  6. Make sure your vote counts – put your ballot in the mail by March 12th.

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