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Friday, February 17, 2012

More cover-up from Tony Clement

More cover-up from Tony Clement

February 16, 2012

Tony Clement has issued a memo to government departments ordering them to stay quiet on planned cuts and exclude this information from the upcoming reports on government department plans and priorities.

This is the same Minister who:
•Helped present false Estimates to Parliament to cover up a $50 million slush fund
•Refused to provide documents to the Auditor General about the G8 legacy fund
•Told the Public Accounts Committee that he had no role in selecting projects for his own riding, despite contradictory findings in the Auditor General’s report

Only in Stephen Harper`s world does your lead Minister on “open government” introduce such a sweeping gag order.

The upcoming budget is about choices – and Conservatives want to hide what choices they’re making.


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