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Monday, February 13, 2012

NDP membership poll shows 3 way race with Dewar leading on second ballot support

NDP membership poll shows 3 way race with Dewar leading on second ballot support
February 13th, 2012

New poll of 6,373 NDP members provides clear information on the state of the race

OTTAWA – Today the Paul Dewar Campaign is releasing the results of a large Interactive Voice Response (IVR) poll of 6,373 NDP members from every region of Canada. The poll, conducted from February 8-9th asked respondents to select their first and second choice for leader of the NDP. Respondents were provided with a list of all the candidates to choose from.

Using the most up to date NDP membership list (February 2nd, 2012) 56,522 NDP members were called and a total of 6,373 NDP members responded, with participation from every province and territory. The poll has a margin of error of 1.19% 19 times out of 20.

The results of the poll have been weighted to accurately reflect the current (February 2nd) NDP membership numbers in every province and territory.


First choice (decided voters):

Thomas Mulcair 25.5%
Peggy Nash 16.8%
Paul Dewar 15.1%
Nathan Cullen 12.8%
Brian Topp 12.7%
Niki Ashton 9.5%
Martin Singh 4.1%
Romeo Saganash 3.6%

2nd choice (decided voters):

Paul Dewar 21.2%
Peggy Nash 19.4%
Thomas Mulcair 16.7%
Nathan Cullen 14.4%
Brian Topp 12.4%
Niki Ashton 10.7%
Romeo Saganash 3.6%
Martin Singh 1.8%

“These results, representing a very large sample of NDP members in every region of Canada, clearly show a number of important factors for this leadership race,” said Dan Mackenzie, Campaign Manager for the Paul Dewar Campaign. “They show that nobody will win on the first ballot, that second ballot support is essential in a one-member-one vote system, that the race has narrowed to a three-way contest, and that Paul Dewar is very well positioned to win”.

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