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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Statement by Leader Nycole Turmel on passing of NDP’s “Shannen’s Dream” Motion

Statement by Leader Nycole Turmel on passing of NDP’s “Shannen’s Dream” Motion

Four years ago, Shannen Koostachin had a dream. She dreamed of a Canada where First Nations children had access to the same quality education as other Canadian children.  Today, New Democrats brought Shannen's dream one step closer to reality.

The unanimous passing of the NDP’s “Shannen’s Dream” motion showed that under the right leadership, real action to improve the lives of aboriginal families is possible.

The NDP motion, moved by Jonathan Genest-Jourdain (Manicouagan), called on the government to invest the same in the education of a First Nations child as other Canadian children receive, and to work with First Nations leaders on an action plan that ensures students on reserves receive a properly funded, culturally sensitive education.

I have travelled to Shannen’s home community of Attawapiskat.  I have seen first-hand the need for immediate action that will give aboriginal children a better future.

Tonight, I am so proud to celebrate with First Nations leaders and with Shannen Koostachin’s family as we take a significant step towards fulfilling her powerful and inspiring dream.

And I commit to every First Nations child that New Democrats will work tirelessly to ensure the government delivers on its commitment.

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