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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hey Reform Party stalwarts, how did fixing Ottawa go?

So long Jim Prentice, Jay Hill, Greg Thompson, Stockwell Day and Chuck Strahl. Thanks for the memories Inky Mark, Jim Abbott, Rick Casson and John Cummins.
Many of these MPs were part of the original grassroots Reform Party movement. They arrived with a bang, storming Parliament in the 90’s on a promise to fix Ottawa.
From gold plated pensions to unaccountable Senators to government being too secretive, these Reformers found a lot broken in Ottawa.
Instead of fixing Ottawa, Stephen Harper created one of Canada’s most secretive administrations and appointed dozens of his insider friends and party fundraisers to the Senate. Ignoring grassroots protests in B.C. and Ontario, the Harper Conservatives rammed through the HST during one of Canada’s worst recessions.
The Conservative government has been admonished by the Speaker for breaking Parliamentary rules and party officials are facing charges and potential jail time for breaking election laws.
No wonder Canadians are still saying Ottawa seems broken.
And no wonder these old Reformers thought better of trying to defend Stephen Harper’s record.

Abbotsford NDP Candidate David Murray with Ed Broadbent at Halifax convention
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