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Monday, March 28, 2011

Jack Layton: 2011-03-27 Surrey


2011-03-27 Surrey



NDP leader Jack Layton criticized Stephen Harper about the HST, stating it was the worst possible time to bring in the hated tax when we are in a recession.

People don't trust Harper after he pushed the HST in B.C., adding that the tax brought an "uprising of  support to defeat the tax the likes of which we've never seen."

Layton also accused Harper of expressing a myth over the possibility of a future coalition government. Jack went on to say " it's hard for Canadians to trust Harper because he tried to do the same thing in 2004 during former Liberal prime minister Paul Martin's minority government". At that time, Harper met with Layton and Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe and the trio wrote a letter asking then-governor-general Adrienne Clarkson to consider all options other than an election if the government should fall.
In spite of his actions in 2004, Harper has said on the campaign trail that it is illegitimate for an opposition leader to try to form a government without first going to voters in an election.

"Instead of listening to families in B.C., [the Conservatives] blindly followed Stephen Harper in Ottawa," said Layton. "New Democrats will put forward practical solutions to reduce the cost of prescription drugs, take the federal tax off home heating and take the pressure off your household budget."
Layton also pledged to make child care affordable and ensure foreign credentials are recognized in Canada.

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  1. You may find Jack Layton's (NDP's) true political affiliations quite interesting - the SOCIALIST INTERNATIONAL (SI ) - from whom Jack takes orders (as opposed to from his electorate):

    This is a REPORT of the SI on its SAO PAULO conference which discusses new global institutions of global governance, and new international architecture, the nation-state being no longer "important":

    These are the Participants at the SAO PAULO conference, including Dawn Black for the NDP:

    Layton's NDP and the SI are working on creating a world government. However, this is old news, the SI has been working on that since well before NDP became a member of the SI.

    A couple of Permanent Links on JACK being front-page news at the SI web site after the May 2011 federal elections:




    [3] "The Grasp of the Socialist International by William F. Jasper (New American 16 February 2010) -- "

    That last article will explain to you precisely WHAT the Socialist International is, and where it comes from. Its roots are SOVIET, it's the continuation of the old Soviet Communist International, a plan for communist world government.

    A lot of people voted for Jack because they know Stephen Harper is annexing Canada to the USA and Mexico. However, JACK is a friendly guest speaker at the Model Parliament for North America hosted by the North American Forum on Integration. He secretly promotes CONTINENTAL UNION, the annexation of Canada to the USA and Mexico, because it's needed to complete the world communist government made up of Marxist-model continental unions.

    Visit me on Facebook.
    And at YouTube:

    Kathleen Moore
    The Official Legal Challenge
    To North American Union