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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jack Layton NDP: Budget Response

Jack Layton NDP: Budget Response

Tue 22 Mar 2011
A month ago I met with the Prime Minister to discuss the budget.
I set out a clear message to him... focus on the priorities of middle class families or face an election.
I did this despite the fact that this is a government that we have not supported because I believe it is important to try to make parliament work - we owe it to Canadians.
I told the Prime Minister that in this recession middle class Canadians were working harder than ever before to make ends meet. Household debt is at an all time high and the costs of everyday essentials are going up.
After years of the well-connected and big business getting all the breaks – I believe it’s time families get a break.
I want to build a Canada where no senior lives in poverty.
A Canada where no family has to go without a doctor.
...where every Canadian can retire with security.
Clearly Mr. Harper doesn’t.
Mr. Harper had an opportunity to address the needs of the hard working middle class families – he missed this opportunity.
He just doesn’t get it.
And in the midst of mounting scandal, this government could have put political games aside and worked with other parties.
It could have achieved practical, affordable results that help families now—to show Canadians that Ottawa can work for them.
But Stephen Harper chose not to do this.
I called on him to create new doctors and nurses for the 5 million Canadians without access to family medicine.
Mr. Harper’s budget will not do that.
I called on him to help Canadians with ever rising energy bills – to remove the federal sales tax from home heating.
Mr. Harper’s budget will not do that.
Because a quarter of a million seniors live in poverty today – a national disgrace - I called on him to ensure no senior lives in poverty.
Mr. Harper’s budget will not do that.
Because every Canadian deserves to have access to a financially secure retirement – I called on him to set goals to increase benefits to the Canada Pension Plan.
Mr. Harper’s budget will not do that.
Nothing in this budget has persuaded me that Stephen Harper has changed his ways and is prepared to work with others in Parliament to give middle-class families a break.
And therefore New Democrats will not support the budget as presented.

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  1. cOMMENT BY: Valerie Loveys is NOT one bit impressed with the Canadian Budget..It is quite obvious there is a huge issue with Priorities~~~~Sadly there is no support for parents with critically ill children: