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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Who killed climate change legislation? Stephen Harper!

Reality check: Who killed climate change legislation?

For the first time, Stephen Harper used his unelected and unaccountable majority in the Senate to kill a bill from the House of Commons. Harper’s appointees stopped landmark climate change legislation which was approved by the elected House of Commons.
How did Stephen Harper feel in the past about the Senate?
“An appointed Senate is a relic of the 19th Century.” Stephen Harper, December 14, 2005
“I will not name appointed people to the Senate. Anyone who sits in the Parliament of Canada must be elected by the people they represent.” Stephen Harper, March 14, 2004
More broken promises from an arrogant and out of touch Prime Minister.
So who voted to kill Canada’s climate change bill?
David Angus, Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu , David Braley , Patrick Brazeau , Bert Brown , Claude Carignan , Andrée Champagne, Ethel Cochrane, Gerald Comeau , Anne Cools , Consiglio Di Nino, Fred Dickson, Mike Duffy, Nicole Eaton, Suzanne Fortin-Duplessis, Linda Frum, Irving Gerstein, Stephen Greene, Leo Housakos, Janis Johnson, Noël Kinsella, Vim Kochhar, Daniel Lang, Marjory LeBreton, Fabian Manning, Elizabeth Marshall, Yonah Martin, Michael Meighen, Nancy Ruth, Richard Neufeld, Kelvin Kenneth Ogilvie, Donald Oliver, Dennis Glen Patterson, Donald Neil Plett, Rose-May Poirier, Bob Runciman, Hugh Segal, Judith Seidman, Gerry St. Germain, Carolyn Stewart Olsen, David Tkachuk, John Wallace and Pamela Wallin
Absent Liberals:
George Baker, Larry Campbell, Sharon Carstairs, Jane Cordy, Romeo Dallaire, Joe Day, Lillian Dyck, Art Eggleton, Joyce Fairbairn, Joan Fraser, Elizabeth Hubley, Colin Kenney, Jean Lapointe, Sandra Lovelace Nicholas, Vivienne Poy and Bill Rompkey

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