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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Where have you gone, Afghan documents…?

Reality check: Where have you gone, Afghan documents…?

Another day, another committee showdown with the Harper Conservatives over hiding information from Canadians. After several Speaker's rulings against them, Conservatives are doing their best again today to run away from accountability.
The Liberals and the Bloc are sounding more indignant by the hour, but can we really trust them to get to the bottom of the Harper government’s lack of transparency?
Remember it was just nine months ago that the Liberals and Bloc signed on to the Conservatives’ secretive Afghan documents committee. When asked in December why no documents have yet been made public, Liberals and Bloc assured us all was well.
“My understand is that the process is a serious one and is proceeding well and I’m quite confident that we will see some documents released very soon”
–Dominic LeBlanc, December 10, 2010
“We'll have an important number of those documents that will be rendered public in January”
–Gilles Duceppe, Canadian Press, December 10, 2010
"You can rest assured, there will be a status report ... and information will be released"
–Bryon Wilfert, Canadian Press, December 10, 2010
And yet, three months later, Canadians are still waiting to see a single document.

Where have you gone, Afghan documents…?

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