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Friday, February 3, 2012

EMD shut-down highlights Harper’s failure on jobs

EMD shut-down highlights Harper’s failure on jobs

Harper must take action on job creation: Turmel

February 3, 2012

LONDON – In another stunning indictment of the Conservatives failed jobs plan, Caterpillar Inc. has announced that the Electro-Motive Diesel (EMD) plant in London has permanently shut its doors after 63 years, putting more than 450 workers out of job.

“This is a trend we are seeing across Canada. Companies are taking Harper’s corporate tax cuts and then shipping Canadian jobs overseas” said NDP leader Nycole Turmel. “What this country needs is real job creation. Corporate tax cuts cannot guarantee a single job.”

The company locked out workers in December when employees refused to agree to a 50% pay cut.

“This decision is about corporate greed” said Irene Mathyssen, MP (London-Fanshawe). “You cannot expect a family to welcome a 50% hit on their income. With corporate profits through the roof, how can the choice be between making drastic cuts to salaries and shutting down the plant? This makes no sense.”

When Harper took office in February of 2006, there were 2,127,200 manufacturing jobs in Canada. Today there are 1,743,700 – a total loss of nearly 400,000 manufacturing jobs on Harper’s watch. We have lost over 40,000 manufacturing jobs in the last year alone.

“The closing of another plant in London is devastating,” said Mathyssen. “These good paying jobs are vital if we are to keep London a thriving community.”

Caterpillar posted record high revenue in its last quarter with a 35% increase. Prime Minister Steven Harper visited EMD’s plant floor in March of 2008, to promote his corporate tax-cut plan.

“The federal government has failed to protect the manufacturing sector in London. The tax breaks to companies have not protected any of these jobs” said Mathyssen. “It’s time Stephen Harper admits his inaction on jobs has failed Canadians and it’s time to get to work creating jobs for the people of London.”

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