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Sunday, February 5, 2012

One thousand emails to Harper: Stand up for EMD workers in London

One thousand emails to Harper: Stand up for EMD workers in London

February 5th, 2012

SUDBURY - More than 1,000 email messages have been sent to Stephen Harper asking him to stand up for EMD workers in London since NDP Leadership candidate Paul Dewar launched an email campaign to pressure Harper for immediate action less than 48 hours ago.

"Canadians are standing with EMD workers to demand fairness," said Dewar. "They're asking simple questions: how does a company making record profits justify cutting worker wages by half? How does a Prime Minister hand over millions of dollars to a company but not secure any commitment for job protection? Mr. Harper, Canadians have spoken loud and clear: it's time for action."

The messages to Harper demand that he call on the American conglomerate Caterpillar to reverse its decision to shut down the EMD plant in London, or return the millions of dollars it received from Canadian tax payers. In 2008, Harper used the same plant and its workers as a backdrop for announcing his reckless corporate tax cuts. Caterpillar received $5 million in government hand-outs, without having to make a commitment to securing Canadian jobs.

As part of his campaign to support the workers, Dewar hosted a benefit concert in Sudbury on Saturday. Joined by MPs Charlie Angus, Claude Gravelle and Glenn Thibeault, Dewar raised $2,500 in small donations from the 100-strong crowd.

"New Democrats are standing in solidarity with the workers in London and we will not stop until Stephen Harper takes action to protect Canadian jobs," said Dewar. "We are united in our determination to build a stronger and more caring Canada."

Dewar joined NDP MP Irene Mathyssen in London, Ontario in early January to visit the locked-out workers. The email campaign page can be found here.

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