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Monday, February 6, 2012

What to do about Harper Conservatives

What to do about Harper Conservatives

The consumer price index reveals that Canadians are paying higher prices today that a year ago, with significant increases in food (up 4.8 per cent), shelter (up 1.5 per cent) and gasoline (up 13.5 per cent).
However wages have only increased .08 per cent. We are not keeping pace.
The Harper government can’t blame this on the global crisis because similar increases were reported in 2008, before the so-called crisis.
We were in an election where the Conservatives were promising that Canada would be safe from any economic distresses under their leadership.
We don’t really need statistics to tell us that we are worse off today than we were five years ago. Household debt is at a record high. Income disparity is rising faster than in many developed countries.
Poverty is on the rise and when a report was presented to Stephen Harper that outlined ways to decrease poverty, he threw it in the trash, as though it was not his problem.
Compare those headlines with these headlines: “Scotiabank, CIBC Top Bonus Increases After Record Bank Profits” and “Big Oil Companies Post Huge Profits on High Gas Prices.”
It is also worth considering this one also as we remember the Attawapiskat crisis: “Record sales push De Beers profits up 55 per cent.”
As well, while the people of Attawapiskat were struggling for survival the Department of Aboriginal Affairs was spying on Cindy Blackstock, an ardent advocate for disadvantaged native kids, and the legislation under bills C-50 and C-51 will allow the government to spy on Canadians without having to obtain a warrant.
Canada has become an international pariah over our environmental policies. Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz not only broke the law regarding the wheat board, but he has served notice that he will not abide by the recent court ruling on the matter. It is well known, the Conservatives recently entered four guilty pleas regarding election spending in 2006.
But here is the real problem voters: Greed and power was our doing, those who tried to topple Harper, split the vote beating each other down in numbers, and now we are being trumped by the greed we disjointedly fought to oppose, shame on us.
Desperate and unusual times call for creative and outside-of-the-box solutions. How about this one for consideration?
We who oppose what Harper represents and what he is doing to Canada can join the Conservative Party and then we “take over” the party and then vote to oust Harper and then disband the party. Similar to what the Reform Party did in it’s takeover. This time, however, we make it work for all people and way less for corporations. I am told this plan is doable.
Any ideas on how to motivate the electorate to do this, or will plans be just put aside until you are the one who is hurting?
Thomas Dowswell
Parry Sound

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