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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The HST "Harper Sales Tax" – A Federal Election Issue !

Columns: The HST – A Federal Election Issue Part 1

By Vince Dimanno. Gordon Campbell brought the HST to British Columbia but it was Stephen Harper’s program. 18,000 of you signed the Anti-HST Petition so is it a Federal Election issue? I think so and I’ll tell you why.
The HST has been called a “regressive tax”. I prefer to call it a “hopeless tax”. It’s like a gas tax in that it is a tax on nothing, for nothing and the money will go to do nothing. Sure, it will be spent on the common good….theoretically…but we all know that largely it is there to pay for past spending mistakes.
This column could study the positive and negative aspects of the HST, but rather I would like to put to you that if you signed the Anti-HST Petition you should think about why you did that.
Did you do it because you thought the Liberal Gov’t lied to you? Do you object because you don’t like the tax itself?
Defining  your objection is important because the HST wasn’t invented by Gordon Campbell. The plan to kick back our own money to us in return for adopting the HST was all Stephen Harper. Essentially, we were bribed into it with our own money.
This is inherently NOT conservative.
Obviously I speak to people all the time about what is important to them and this community. One of the things I notice is that many people will have a list of things they demand from the party they support and yet they vote for someone else.
If you are one of the 18,000 people who voted against the HST why not find out where your support really should go and take the short quiz on the CBC web site called the Vote Compass. You can find it here:
I was shocked by the results when I took the test. In fact, I am in-step with a party I wasn’t going to vote for. Now I want to know why and so should you.
Watch for my next column where I will review those positive and negative aspects of the HST and other Federal Government initiatives that impact the people of the Fraser Valley directly.

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