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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Welcome Back To The Future Ian Austin– Province Reporter Caught In Time Warp

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The Net: Welcome Back To The Future Ian – Province Reporter Caught In Time Warp

By Mike Archer. In an article by Ian Austin in The Province, April 5 the reporter accuses Abbotsford NDP candidate David Murray of living in a time warp. It turns out it may be Austin who needs welcoming back to the future.
Austin makes the claim based on Murray’s assertion that his social media campaign in Abbotsford has given the NDP a strong chance this election in one of the ‘safest’ Conservative ridings in the country.
Austin says he did a Google search for David Murray and came across a one-year-old reference to Murray’s MySpace page and concluded that Murray should get with the times and off of MySpace.
Nice quip Ian but you fail at Internet.
In fact, the NDP candidate has the highest online profile in Canada among candidates who don’t have a seat in the House of Commons and has a strong following on his Facebook page and a number of other websites.
Newspaper scribes often get their fingers crossed while balancing their feather pen quils between their fingers while tapping away on modern keyboards.
A more savvy user of the ‘new’ technology might have lead Austin to this reference from March 30, 2011 (this year) – Abbotsford’s David Murray Tops Social Media Rankings
Other than the strong Internet and Social Media presence of their candidate, the NDP may be giving the Conservatives a run for their money in Abbotsford due to their mishandling of the immigration situation – people waiting up to 13 years to get loved ones to Canada – 500 refugees being arrested and detained in order to evict one with terrorist connections.
The old media is having a very hard time understanding the ‘new’ media simply because it does not conform to their understanding of information and how it travels. Information no longer travels through the printing press but through the ether without the permission of the old guys at their typewriters.

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