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Friday, April 1, 2011

NDP ad highlights the failure of Harper’s corporate tax policies

Not so great Canadian moments: corporate giveaways

NDP ad highlights the failure of Harper’s corporate tax policies

OTTAWA—Stephen Harper’s policy to give Canada’s most profitable companies tens of billions of dollars in tax breaks has hurt Canada’s economy, especially our manufacturing sector. That’s the message in a humorous new ad released today by the NDP.
“It’s 2010 and Stephen Harper dishes out more tax breaks to rich corporations. He says that it will make Canada more attractive to job creators,” says the ad. “Well one of those companies, Electrolux, sure did create jobs. 1300 in Memphis by moving them out of Canada.”
Like the Health Care ad, Not So Great Canadian Moments: Corporate Giveaways uses the same style of collage-animation that mixes a bit of humour with hard-hitting facts that highlight Harper’s failed policy of giving billions in handouts to large multinational companies.
On Tuesday, Layton announced his job creation plan focused on targeted, affordable investments in small businesses and Canadian job creators.
“Unlike our plan, Stephen Harper’s jobs policy is across-the-board tax breaks, even to large profitable companies shipping Canadian jobs overseas,” Layton said. “It doesn’t work.”
“My plan will give small businesses a break and provide incentives to companies investing in job creation at home.”
This commercial is part of the New Democrat “Not So Great Canadian Moments” campaign designed to put pressure on Stephen Harper and focus this campaign on the priorities of middle-class families, not well connected insiders.

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