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Sunday, April 10, 2011

HST still on people's mind on the door step of Abbotsford!

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Federal Politics: CBC Calls Immigration Defining Issue In This Election In Abbotsford

CBC’s Sasha Petrosek was in Abbotsford this week reported for The National on voters’ electoral concerns across the country. He interviewed several in Abbotsford’s Sikh community about the Harper government’s record on immigration issues and found a lot of discontent.
According to the CBC, the Conservative’s policy on immigration has become the defining issue for the South Asian community in Abbotsford.
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HST still on people's mind on the door step of Abbotsford!

One of the main issues still on people's minds in Abbotsford when NDP candidate David Murray is out door knocking is the HST (Harper Sales Tax) It has made everyone's life more expensive, coffee, books, school, parking, haircuts, hockey equipment, ice time, going to a restaurant etc, etc, etc.  The Federal NDP and Jack Layton were the only party that said NO to the HST!  The Conservative's with Stephen Harper and the Liberal's
 with Michael Ignatieff and ALL of their MP's in parliament supported the HST.
No wonder their candidates are hoping that this issue is not being brought up in the election in British Columbia !  18,000 people signed the anti-HST petition in Abbotsford alone.
This will be the first opportunity British Columbian voters can punish the Harper government for this disingenuous and cowardly act. It has burdened the tax payers in the way of the biggest tax shift going from big business which is being shouldered by every day hard working citizens that we have seen in our generation.
 HST still on people's mind on the door step of Abbotsford!

Abbotsford NDP Candidate David Murray with Ed Broadbent at Halifax convention 2009
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