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Saturday, April 16, 2011

NDP in "TOP SPOT" in BC - The way to stop Harper in BC vote has to be NDP!

Paul Moist: Leader debates show the choice is clear - Jack Layton’s NDP

Paul Moist: Leader debates show the choice is clear - Jack Layton’s NDP
As we hit the midway point of the current campaign, I think the leader debates clearly show the different choices Canadian's have on Election Day, May 2.

I was proud that Jack Layton put public health care on the agenda, along with the need for a national pharmacare plan.

He also spoke to the need for child care, home care and concrete measures to invest in municipal infrastructure right across Canada.

I thought Jack's best line was when he told Stephen Harper that he needn't build more jails because so many crooks are already in the Canadian Senate. The NDP's call for abolishing the Senate, the only federal party advocating for this, is a position shared by most Canadians.

Finally, I am incredibly proud of the 21 CUPE members and staff that are running for the NDP. They are staunch advocates for public services and deserve our full support.

Elections are about choices. And our choice is the NDP, to stand-up for public services and to build a better Canada.

As reported by the TODAY MEDIA GROUP

In his speech to over 1,200 Cupe members at the Cupe BC convention yesterday. National President announced to the members that the NDP are now tipping the charts for popular support. They are at 39% which puts them in first place. He went on to say “the only way to stop Stephen Harper in British Columbia is to vote for Jack Layton and the NDP team!” This brought a standing ovation from the ruckus crowd of NDP supporters!
He went on to comment on the three CUPE BC members were running for office in this Federal election. British Columbia
  • David Murray (Abbotsford) - CUPE 498
  • Victor Elkins (Vancouver-Quadra)  - HEU
  • Nikki Inouye (Okanagan Shuswap) - CUPE 7003
In all three campaigns the candidates are working hard and it is clear in all three of these ridings the only way to stop Stephen Harper is to vote NDP!

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