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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Creating Good Jobs And Training For The Jobs Of Tomorrow

Creating Good Jobs And Training For The Jobs Of Tomorrow

Canada has to tackle the jobs deficit.
Today there are more than 1.3 million unemployed Canadians – that’s 228,000 more than there were in 2006 when Stephen Harper first took office.
With smart, practical solutions, we can grow our economy and create good jobs, but Mr. Harper’s government is out of touch with Canadian families.
Instead of focusing on tax breaks for banks and big oil companies and protecting international tax havens, the government should focus on creating good jobs and training opportunities that will build a workforce that’s ready to meet the demands of tomorrow’s economy head on.
Tackling the jobs deficit will be an important priority for an NDP government led by Paul Dewar.
  1. Strengthening communitiesAn NDP government led by Paul Dewar will work with provincial and municipal governments to build a permanent national infrastructure program to enhance important community infrastructure. This program would not only repair pot holes, bridges, airports, universities and colleges, it would create skilled jobs and ensure training and apprenticeship opportunities are there for all Canadians.
  2. Helping small and medium sized businesses grow An NDP government led by Paul Dewar will provide incentives for small and medium sized businesses to grow. Instead of tax breaks for businesses that ship jobs overseas, we will reward businesses that create job opportunities here.
  3. Promoting renewable energy jobs, saving families moneyAn NDP government led by Paul Dewar will promote renewable energy and energy conservation to help families save money on their bills and create jobs in the residential and commercial retrofits industry. This is a growing industry and supporting it today will create jobs and skilled training opportunities in the future. A first step will be to re-establish the EcoEnergy Renewable Power program and support the establishment of an East-West power grid to make renewable electric power accessible to all Canadians.
  4. Reinvigorating national training programs An NDP government led by Paul Dewar will build new partnerships with provinces and the private sector to improve job training and apprenticeship programs across the country with a focus on helping young people find work. These partnership will give working Canadians the opportunity to train for better jobs.
  5. Eliminating tax havens An NDP government led by Paul Dewar will crack down on off-shore tax evasion by restoring and increasing resources the government cut from the Canada Revenue Agency’s Compliance Division. Canada can also play a leadership role in international forums to create greater cooperation on tackling tax evasion. Canadian families work hard to pay their taxes and so should individuals and corporations that hide funds in tax havens.
  6. Saying ‘no’ to expanding the HST or increasing sales taxes An NDP government led by Paul Dewar will protect jobs and help make life more affordable for families by saying no to new sales tax increases and expanding the HST.
  7. Standing up for public services and the people who provide themAn NDP government led by Paul Dewar will end the Conservative government’s fixation on cutting public services. We will work with employees at all levels to make the public service more efficient and end the run-away costs of government reliance on temporary help services. Putting more Canadians out of work is not the answer.
The government should work to make life better for Canadians, not squander their taxes on vanity projects like Tony Clement’s Muskoka Gazebos. That is why an NDP government led by Paul Dewar will ensure that all government proposals are examined through the lens of creating jobs and closing the jobs deficit.
Together we will invest the taxes Canadian families work hard to pay on projects that increase productivity, grow our economy at home and abroad and strengthen our communities.

David Murray Pitt Meadows City Councillor and NDP Federal Candidate in Abbotsford with Paul Dewar at the Vancouver NDP Federal Convention 2011

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