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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Prominent BC New Democrats endorse Dewar for leader

Prominent BC New Democrats endorse Dewar for leader

COURTENAY, BC - Today two prominent BC New Democrats threw their support behind Paul Dewar as the leader of Canada's NDP.
"Paul's ability to connect with everyday Canadians is exactly what we need to win the next election" said former NDP MP Catherine Bell who served in the House of Commons with Dewar after the 2006 election. "I've watched Paul's growth as a parliamentarian. His experience in the House of Commons and his ideas give me a lot of confidence in his leadership."
"Paul's energy and determination in building a stronger, more caring Canada will inspire Canadians" said Roger Kishi, the newly elected Village Councillor in Cumberland, BC. "His ideas and his approach to politics will attract a new generation of voters to our party."
Dewar thanked Bell and Kishi for their endorsement. "I'm honoured by Catherine and Roger's confidence in me. It's places like Vancouver Island North where we have to present a Western Strategy and make the case for the election of Canada's first NDP government" said Dewar.
Dewar pointed to his plan to create good jobs and tackle the Jobs Deficit, as well as his commitment to strengthening democratic representation as some planks of his Western Strategy.
"Stephen Harper is taking the West's support for his party for granted" said Dewar. "We're offering a serious alternative that's focused on the things that families care about."

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