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Monday, December 12, 2011

Paul Dewar on women’s equality in Politics.

Equal Participation In Politics
December 8th, 2011

Public financing for political parties will be tied to their performance on women’s equality: Dewar

OTTAWA – New Democrat Leadership candidate Paul Dewar will create a public financing program tied to parties’ performance on women’s equality.
“Women’s representation in the House of Commons fails to reach the 30% threshold, considered by the United Nations as the critical mass of women’s participation in decision-making. This is a national disgrace” said Dewar. “My vision for a stronger and more caring Canada includes immediate action to encourage women’s equal participation in politics.”
Dewar’s public financing program creates incentives for all parties to run slates that truly represent gender equality in Canada.
Under Dewar’s plan only parties running a slate of at least 50% women candidates would be eligible for the full $2 per vote financing. Parties running 40-49.9% women candidates will receive $1.75/vote and parties running 30-39.9% would receive only $1.50/vote. Parties that are unable to run at least 30% women candidates on their slate would not qualify for public financing.
“Stephen Harper is phasing out public financing because he doesn't believe in supporting a healthy and engaged democratic process” said Dewar. “I will bring back the public financing and tie it to parties’ performance on ensuring gender equality. That's the way to end gender inequality in Canadian politics.”

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