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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

NDP Federal Update By Nycole Turmel

With Parliament in recess until the New Year, I am pleased to have this
opportunity to update you on the efforts of the NDP Caucus since our
historic election this past May.
Together, New Democrat MPs have been taking on the Conservatives every
single day and putting a clear choice in front of Canadians. A choice
between the out-of-touch Conservative government who will always put
well-connected friends and insiders first.  Or a New Democrat team working
to ensure Canadians come first and nobody is left behind.
The holidays are a time to visit with family and friends. Around the dinner
table or at the hockey rink or in the living room, talk will inevitably turn
to politics in one form or another. As a supporter of our Party, I want you
to be prepared.
Below, as well as attached, you will find brief points outlining the stark
differences between our ideas and that of the Conservatives on key issues
facing Canada.
- On Jobs.  Fend for yourselves while Conservatives refuse to take action on
jobs.  Or a New Democrat plan - adopted in Parliament - to give small
business a boost, reward job creators and get Canadians back to work.
That's a clear choice.
- On pensions.  The Conservatives want Canadians to roll the dice with even
more of their retirement savings on failing stock markets.  New Democrats
want to strengthen the public pensions Canadians rely on in tough times.
That's a clear choice.
- On the Environment.  Job killing inaction from the Conservatives that's
seeing our major partners close the door on Canadian energy trade.  Or a New
Democrat vision that sees Canada as a world leader in tackling climate
change and building the new sustainable energy economy.  That's a clear
- On Health Care.  Conservatives are already backing out of their one
commitment on health care: a promise to maintain the six per cent escalator
on funding.  New Democrats think the health care of Canadians should always
be a priority - in good times and bad.  That's a clear choice.
- On lifting First Nations families out of poverty.  Conservatives have
completely turned their backs on aboriginal families.  Blaming communities,
passing the buck, not taking any responsibility for years of underfunding.
New Democrats have shown that we want to work with First Nations
communities, building a new relationship based on respect and trust, and
work towards ensuring no Canadian families gets left behind.  That's a clear
- On justice: The Conservatives who turn their backs on the provinces and
act against the advice of experts to impose mega-prisons or the NDP who is
working tirelessly to make citizens' voices and the voice of reason heard on
issues of justice and public safety. The choice is clear.
- On standing up for the prairies.  An out-of-touch Ottawa Conservative
government that thinks it knows better than prairie farmers.  Or a New
Democrat opposition that listens to prairie farmers and believes that
farmers should decide on the Wheat Board, not Ottawa.  That's a clear
- On the future of the country: A party that divides Canadians with its
provocative policies or the NDP who is working with the provinces and
citizens to build a better Canada. The choice is clear.
For more extensive details on our plans, please visit our website at
In closing, I want to say that 2011 was also a year of great sadness with
the passing of our leader Jack Layton. Rest assured that we will carry on
Jack's legacy by forming a New Democrat government that will always put
Canadian families - first.
I appreciate your continuing support for our Party and want to wish you and
your loved ones the very best during the holiday season and in the New Year!
All the best,

Nycole Turmel, M.P.
Interim Leader of the Official Opposition
New Democratic Party of Canada

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