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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sustainable BC

Sustainable BC

Welcome to Sustainable BC
British Columbians live in a land of immense possibilities. We are blessed with a magnificent landscape, a rich resource base, a moderate climate, and resilient, hard-working people.
We have not always been wise in our stewardship of this incredible endowment. As the province industrialized, we damaged the ecosystems upon which all life depends, stressed local communities, depleted forests and fisheries, paved much of our best agricultural land, and polluted air, water, and soils. Today B.C. has the highest levels of income inequality and child poverty in Canada. Our forestry sector is in crisis, some wild fish stocks are at the point of collapse. Economically, socially and environmentally, our current path is not sustainable.
We can do much better. At its last convention, the B.C. NDP unanimously adopted Sustainable BC as its vision for our province. As British Columbians we are dedicated to building a sustainable society that nurtures creative and resourceful people and communities, a clean and productive environment, and a modern, vibrant, and diversified economy.
How this vision can become reality is described in the Sustainable BC movie at this website: we hope you can take a few minutes to watch it. This website also offers ideas as to what Sustainable BC might look like. It provides principles that could guide us on the journey toward sustainability, and suggests tools and policies that could turn vision to action.
But no individual, group or party has all the answers; we all must work together to accomplish a Sustainable BC. So, please join us in this journey by contributing your ideas. Dream big, be bold. Tell us how this vision of sustainability relates to your life and work. Tell us of projects in BC or elsewhere that could provide models for our journey toward sustainability and a bright future for all British Columbians.
View entire video (21 minutes)

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