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Monday, December 19, 2011

We the people. The chant was “Whose streets? Our streets!"

We the people. The chant was “Whose streets? Our streets!"



In front of the TD Bank on Georgia and Howe on October 15 - Global Day of Action. I’m so glad that it was peaceful. It was actually really beautiful to see all of the well informed, intelligent people staging a demonstration and I’m proud to have been apart of not just Occupy Vancouver, but for being part of what is now becoming a global movement. October 15th, 80 countries and countless cities in those countries staged demonstrations like this. Most were peaceful, aside from Italy and a few others. But the peacefulness bring legitimacy to the act of protesting and to activism once again. Screw those Black Bloc jerks and those fringe groups, or anyone who believes destroying is a way to achieve change. Evolution, not revolution.
And for christ sake, join a CREDIT UNION, not a bank.

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  1. Taken with my phone, therefore choppy and blurry. I was trying to capture how many people were there.

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