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Wednesday, December 14, 2011



VICTORIA – During the fall sitting of the legislature, BC New Democrats raised serious issues and proposed realistic, practical solutions on key priorities such as inequality, post-secondary education and training and building a sustainable economy. At the same time, the Liberals have failed to act on crucial issues and have spent most of their time covering up shady backroom dealing.
“Our caucus is working together to address key priorities – reducing inequality, making post-secondary education and training affordable and accessible, protecting the environment and building a sustainable economy that works for the middle class and working families,” said NDP leader Adrian Dix. “We are working to bring needed change to BC. People with developmental disabilities cannot wait until 2013 for change at Community Living BC; they need it now and we are going to continue to pressure the government until that happens.”
In contrast, Christy Clark’s Liberals have failed to address the ongoing crisis at Community Living BC and the alarming levels of inequality and poverty in B.C. They have also failed in their responsibility to swiftly execute the people’s decision to get rid of the HST, which is hurting families and businesses across the province.
The Liberals have continually blocked the attempts of the Auditor General to get to the bottom of the payment of $6 million to convicted Liberal insiders David Basi and Bobby Virk. They have also paid out $30 million in compensation to Boss Power, a figure grossly inflated by the government admission in court documents it broke the law in blocking Boss Power’s uranium claim.
“I’ve been traveling BC with members of our caucus offering practical proposals such as restoring non-repayable student grants to improve access to post-secondary education or encouraging local purchasing to support BC agriculture,” said Dix. “I’ve also been making it clear how I’m going to pay for my proposals: student grants, for example, will be funded by restoring the minimum tax on financial institutions.”
New Democrats also worked cooperatively with the Liberal government on legislation that will make a positive difference, such as the Family Law Act and the Nurse Practitioner Act. The Liberals deserve credit for their willingness to take this approach to these pieces of legislation.
Overall, though, the Liberals deserve a failing grade for coming into this session with no vision, no agenda and no plan. Premier Clark’s “jobs plan” was clearly patched together in haste when it became clear she had lost the HST and was in no position to win an election.
Adrian Dix and the BC New Democrats will continue to propose practical solutions that address the real challenges facing working families, the middle class and small businesses across BC, while advocating for those who have been left behind as well as a sustainable future for our province.

 Pitt Meadow City Councillor David Murray and NDP provincial leader Adrian Dix at the NDP 50th Anniversary Convention.

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