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Thursday, December 22, 2011

An open letter on Canada's place on the international stage


An open letter on Canada's place on the international stage

Can you imagine a Canada that takes its rightful place on the international stage as a model for peace, cooperation and development? We all can.
That’s why it is so disturbing to see Prime Minister Harper and his Conservatives turning their backs to the world – withdrawing from Kyoto, cutting our aid to the poorest people in the world, saying no to UN peacekeeping, letting one of our citizens languish in Guantanamo, endorsing free trade with known violators of human rights, blocking inquiries into why the government handed detainees to Afghan security forces knowing that torture was likely.
The list goes on.
Well, we are making a New Year’s resolution to change that, and with your help we will.
We are New Democrats. We work on international issues. And we are supporting Ottawa Centre MP Paul Dewar for the leadership of Canada’s NDP – because Paul stands out as the candidate with the experience, the vision and the energy to take on Stephen Harper and make Canada a leader on the world stage.
He’s already done that in his role as the NDP critic for Foreign Affairs. Working with Jack Layton, Paul stood up for peace building. He won victories for action on HIV-AIDS, TB and Malaria, recognition of rape as a weapon of war, and defending the human rights of Canadians abroad. He spoke up for indigenous rights. He was front and centre in holding Harper to account on Afghanistan. From solidarity with the Arab Spring to justice and peace in the Middle East, he gave voice to our Canadian values.
Imagine Prime Minister Dewar and an NDP government making Canada a genuine champion for human rights and women’s empowerment around the world, leading in the global fight against poverty and disease, with a new determination to tackle climate change and make the world a safer, less violent place.
Prime Minister Paul Dewar will make it happen. But for that change to occur Paul needs your support now. That’s why we are writing this letter.
We work on international issues every day. We know Paul Dewar. We admire his record. And we urge you to support him as leader of Canada’s NDP.
What a great achievement it will be for our party – and for Canada in the world – to have a Prime Minister who understands the challenges and opportunities to truly change the world.
Let’s start the change in 2012 by electing Paul Dewar leader of Canada’s NDP.
Please add your name to this letter. Make a contribution. Or just sign up to find out more about Paul’s campaign.
Thank you.
  • Amir Attaran, Canada Research Chair in Law, Population Health and Global Development Policy
  • Paul Champ, prominent human rights lawyer
  • Jef Keighley, Executive Director, World Peace Forum 2006, CAW Canada National Union Representative (Ret.)
  • Mokhtar Lamani, Distinguished Fellow, former Ambassador and Special Envoy for Peace
  • Monia Mazigh, author and human rights activist
  • Anil Naidoo, Our Water Commons
  • Professor Joanne St. Lewis, University of Ottawa, women's rights activist

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