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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

British Columbia MLA, Mable Elmore, endorses Paul Dewar for leader of the NDP

British Columbia MLA, Mable Elmore, endorses Paul Dewar for leader of the NDP

January 3rd, 2012

NDP leadership candidate Paul Dewar won a key BC endorsement today with the announcement that MLA Mable Elmore (NDP-Vancouver-Kensington) has joined his campaign.
“I waited. I took my time, and I looked carefully at all the candidates. I was particularly impressed with Paul’s understanding of policy issues, his vision of a progressive direction for Canada, and how he connects with people,” Elmore said.
“Paul is an effective communicator. It is clear to me that he will be an effective Leader of the Opposition, and that he has the depth and experience needed to become Canada’s first NDP Prime Minister.
“Above all, Paul has a clear vision of how we can expand the NDP’s base, reaching out to young and old, families, and new Canadians, with innovative ideas that will improve their lives,” Elmore noted.
She pointed to a series policy initiatives from Dewar including:
• Improved federal support for services that benefit urban workers, new Canadians and families,
• New steps to encourage equal participation by women in politics,
• A ‘Your Canada Year’ youth grants program for training or post secondary education in exchange for one year of service with a non-profit organization,
• A new approach to job creation that supports small and medium-sized Canadian business and rewards innovation and skills training.
“I know Paul Dewar will connect with the voters I represent. I know he will make a huge difference in peoples’ lives. I’m excited to be part of his team, and I urge all New Democrats to support Paul Dewar as Leader of Canada’s NDP,” Elmore concluded.
Mable Elmore is the BC NDP critic for Multiculturalism and deputy critic for Children and Family Development and Child Care.

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