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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dewar gunning for top NDP job

Dewar gunning for top NDP job

Paul Dewar. (QMI Agency file photo)
SAULT STE. MARIE-- NDP leadership candidate Paul Dewar says he wants to lead the party to form the next government.
Dewar, an Ottawa area MP who is one of eight people who want to be the next leader of the federal New Democrats, visited Sault Ste. Marie Saturday.
He’s received the endorsement of former MP Tony Martin.
The 48-year-old son of former Ottawa mayor Marion Dewar, said it was his mother who taught him social justice and grassroots democracy.
In an interview with QMI Agency, Dewar said he has the experience as a member of Parliament, and on the national and international stage to lead the party.
He said although his path through politics has been different than Layton’s, he shares the same vision and believes in grassroots politics.

“I believe we need to build our relationship with people in communities and I appreciate the importance of working with communities,” the former educator said.
While Layton believed in the grassroots political model, Dewar said he believes he can take the party to the next level.
His task, as leader, will be to ensure that the party is organized in a manner that ensures that voices from the communities are heard.
Inviting more people into the party, especially the younger generation, is imperative to success, he said.
Dewar believes that there is a strong will and desire by young Canadians to get involved in politics and the issues that affect them, such as the economy, poverty and the need for good-paying jobs.
“A lot of young people are turned away from other parties. I believe there is a need for them to participate,” he said.
Dewar, who has been travelling across Canada during the leadership campaign since last fall, said his message is clear: the Stephen Harper Conservative government doesn’t represent the real majority of Canadians and the real majority of Canadians supports the New Democrat party values.
Dewar said he believes he can connect with them to represent the real majority of Canadians and he said he remembers Layton’s last speech to Canadians on July 25 when he went off script and said, “We need to take better care of each other.”
“That stayed with me and I believe there is a lot of truth to that statement,” he said.

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