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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What they’re saying about Paul Dewar:

What they’re saying about Paul Dewar:


“Among the nine candidates, only Paul Dewar has posted a series of full-fledged policy papers - including an urban strategy, a support program for cultural workers and a job creation plan.”
Chantal Hébert, The Toronto Star, November 2011

“At first glance, Dewar has all the tools needed to pick up where Layton left off: He is telegenic, earnest and articulate. Although the national media have questioned his French, the Ottawa-raised Dewar spoke quite a bit in both official languages and handled questions from the franco-Manitoban media with relative ease.”
Dan Lett, Winnipeg Free Press, October 2011

“He’s telegenic, serious-minded and a nice guy. A lot of politicians do little more than spiel off talking points put together by staffers. Dewar, the NDP’s foreign affairs critic, knows his files.”
Stephen Maher, Postmedia News, September 2011

“He’s a consensus builder who is relaxed and approachable.”
Ottawa Citizen, September 2011
“One thing NDP members should perhaps think about is who the Conservatives would least like to face in four years time. One senior Conservative said that [...] Mr. Dewar does make him nervous.”
John Ivison, National Post, September 2011

“Dewar’s clearly been able to appeal to non-traditional NDP voters.”
Ottawa Citizen, September 2011
“Considered as one of the stronger and most-respected members of his party”
Le Droit, September 2011
“Certainly one of the most eloquent and most interesting members of the NDP caucus.”
Le Devoir, September 2011
“Paul Dewar has deep roots in the party.”
Le Soleil, September 2011

“Front and centre on the big issues”
Globe and Mail, December 2010
“Invests considerable energy making himself available at the community level.”
Ottawa Citizen, March 2010
“A notable example in a party of insistent, eager parliamentarians.”
Maclean’s, August 2009
“Punches above his weight.”
Ottawa Citizen, August 2009
“At this low moment in our political life, Dewar reminds us what public affairs should be all about.”
Gerry Caplan, Globe and Mail, June 2009

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