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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dewar to Harper: "Respect equal marriage"

Dewar to Harper: "Respect equal marriage"

January 12th, 2012
EDMONTON – New Democrat Leadership candidate Paul Dewar is calling on the Harper government to respect equal marriage and recognize the validity of thousands of Canadian same-sex marriages.
"There is only one solution: withdraw the government opinion immediately" said Dewar. "Any delay shows that Stephen Harper intends to roll back equal marriage in Canada and that's non-negotiable."
A government intervention in a divorce case of two non-Canadian women who married in Canada says the Canadian marriage was never valid because their home countries do not recognize same sex marriage.
"The government is betraying the trust of thousands of same-sex couples who came to Canada looking for equality" said Dewar. "This is a shameful position and I assure thousands of people around the world who are worried about this decision that we will stand up for your equality."
The government move effectively rules thousands of Canadian marriages null and void. It also sets a precedent that if a home state does not permit a marriage, Canada will not recognize the marriage either.
"Is the government suggesting that we recognize your rights only if your home country recognizes them?" said Dewar. "That's wrong and Stephen Harper has to immediately reverse his position."

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