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Sunday, January 22, 2012

'I'm going to take on Stephen Harper by not being Stephen Harper'

'I'm going to take on Stephen Harper by not being Stephen Harper' (photos)

Saturday, January 21, 2012 by: Donna Hopper
NDP leader hopeful Paul Dewar hosted a meet and greet with party members at Cafe Natura this afternoon during his first campaign visit to Sault Ste. Marie.
The former New Democratic Foriegn Affairs critic told attendees that under his leadership, the NDP can reconnect with disillusioned voters, build on the Party's momentum and focus on winning the next 70 seats.
"We just won the official opposition. We have the momentum. What we need to do is build on that and bring forth our best ideas and bring people into the NDP," he said."Many people don't vote because they don't see their vote counting."
The purpose of dewar's current campaign tour is to discuss the issues that matter most to the 40 percent of Canadians that didn't vote in the last election - issues such as health care, job deficits, taxation inequality, poverty and the environment.
"I've seen what we can do when we work together. And when we work together and reach out to people, we can do amazing things. I want a more caring and stronger Canada. Those two things go together for me," Dewar said. "I'm going to take on Stephen Harper by not being Stephen Harper. We're not going to win this by going out and attacking...Instead of turning people off of politics, we have to do the exact opposite."
With solid support from form MP Tony Martin, Dewar is determined to win back the Sault riding, rebuild the NDP footing in the west and maintain Party gains in Quebec.
Martin told he's backing Dewar for NDP leader because of "his work ethic, his commitment to social democratic values, the way he dealt with his caucus colleagues, the respect he fostered. He's smart and he did a good job in his role as Foreign Affairs critic. Also, I know where Paul comes from. I know his heart and what he's committed to."
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