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Monday, January 16, 2012

We have a blueprint for a real majority, one based on grassroots engagement and strong leadership.

by Paul Dewar and Charlie Angus New Democratic Party.

We have a blueprint for a real majority, one based on grassroots engagement and strong leadership.

70 is a number that New Democrats are going to get to know very well in the coming years.
It will guide us in our work. It will encourage us to do better and drive us to work harder.
70 will mean stopping the Conservatives. 70 will mean fulfilling the dream of generations of New Democrats. 70 will mean a fairer, more just, and more sustainable Canada.
70 will mean a real majority.
This is the number of seats we need to form government in the next election. And make no mistake, while these will be the hardest to win we have a responsibility to win them.
Every day that the Harper Conservatives sit in power is one day too many for the real majority of Canadians who did not vote for them. This is a real majority that works hard, pays their taxes and sends their kids to school. They are everyday Canadians who want health care to be there for them, when they need it. They want education and job opportunities for young people. And they want to know our seniors are being looked after.
But the real majority isn’t benefiting from Stephen Harper’s majority government.
They watch day after day as Mr. Harper uses his majority to reward his friends and cut taxes to banks and other highly profitable corporations — while doing nothing for them.

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They are looking for a leader who understands our country and who has the vision and experience to build a forceful and true alternative to Mr. Harper and the Conservatives.
We know the NDP is the only party committed to fighting for the values of everyday Canadians, but we can't sit back. We need to listen to Canadians and we need to earn their respect and their trust.
That is why we are proposing the Next 70 – a plan to reach the real majority and to take our party to government. It is a blueprint to solidify the ridings we currently hold and gain the 70 we need to stop the Conservatives in 2015.
Under the Next 70 plan we will use every tool at our disposal to connect with Canadians across our country.
We'll hire more grassroots organizers and put them on the ground in key regions across the country. They will work with local activists to strengthen networks where they already exist and build them where they are non-existent. Our grassroots team will recruit new activists and help train the next generation.
We'll give riding associations additional support to help them grow so they have the tools and resources they need to talk to voters, connect with their communities and run winning campaigns.
Social media can engage, inform and lead to great conversations. We’ll take full advantage of social media and new technologies to make sure our message is heard on the ground and online.
We'll also give our caucus an expanded role as builders. We have an incredible and diverse team that has vast experience and passion. Under this plan we’ll give our MPs the opportunity to show Canadians first-hand what a strong and deeply talented team we have.
How do we know this plan will work? Because it's building on the best lessons of what got us to where we are.
In 2008 we won seven of the nine seats in Northern Ontario because our party made a strategic decision to target them. Dedicated activists had worked hard for years and when given additional resources, they brought the victory home.
It was the same for Quebec, but on a much larger scale. The Orange Crush wasn't a fluke. We spent a lot of time not only building the infrastructure but getting to know Quebeckers and letting them get to know us.

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